Vintage Racing

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Better than just a car show. VINTAGE RACING!


“Vintage Racing is Exciting, Challenging and Fun!!

All around the world, thousands of competitors are finding, restoring, preserving, driving and racing performance cars from every era of history. In North America, there are more than 170 racing events organized by over 30 vintage racing organizations and thousands of other vintage events sanctioned by thousands of car enthusiast clubs. Vintage racing events range in size, some mega events attracting as many as 600 entrants, with 20,000 to 200,000 spectators while the small club races attract around 50 to 100 entrants and are closed to spectators.

The rasping whine of a race car at-speed, the visual and physical treat of a highly tuned and stressed car enjoyed in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and competition, is truly exciting. That combined with the setting of North America’s great tracks, associated social events, convention crew and friends, is what makes vintage racing. It’s easy to get involved; it’s a friendly, low-key family endeavor. Vintage racing is the lowest cost “adventure sport” according to the association of Adventure Sports. There are also many associated racing events which welcome the vintage race car: hill climbs, autocross, rallies, rally tours, concours, car shows, car meets and marquee and special interest club meets. There are also oval track showcases and road racing course exhibitions for less intense on-track sessions; the vintage car is truly a chariot to adventure and fun.”

– Victory Lane Magazine


“I have enjoying attending vintage sports car racing events for over 25 years. For me it’s not just racing, it’s a gathering of wonderful historic race and street cars. Historic cars come in all shapes and sizes, works of art, unlike the cookie cutter cars of today.

Instead of cars in shows, garages or museums, you can experience the sounds, smells and the excitement of these racing machines at speed.  Vintage events have activities on track for the racers and car shows for anyone wanting to be part of a day of cars.

Most of the sports car road courses that host these events are park like, perfect for spectators. You’ll see families enjoying the day with picnics, frisbees, footballs and of course, watching racing. My family and I have made many friends and memories at vintage races. Today, my son Casey has been competing for over 10 years in vintage racing and has created a business in vintage racing.

For a true car guy, these events will definitely put a smile on your face.”

-Chuck Putsch


“If you love cars and pure competition like I do, but find modern racing uninteresting despite wanting to like it, I have two words for you. Vintage Racing!

At all the best and most historical road-racing tracks around the world through the entire year there are racing events where the most thrilling cars and racing series that ever were compete again and again. And would you believe the cars are even meaner than they were before or even modern cars are now? Yeah…

I’ve enjoyed competing in vintage racing for the last decade in many different racing cars as well as preparing racing cars for clients. Taking it a step further, I realized that surrounded by competition, incredible engineering, and brilliant people that this was the perfect venue to teach bright young minds and started the 501(c)3 non-profit educational program “Genius Garage”. The program takes the brightest college students from engineering to art and business and forms them into a racing team. Guided by mentors and through their challenges, learning assignments, and competition the students gain incredible professional and life experiences which garner the attention of incredible employers and in turn kick starts their careers.”

-Casey Putsch

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