1980 Renault Alpine A 310

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1980 Renault Alpine A310

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With less than 30 said to be imported to the United States, this example is most likely the finest and certainly the finest I have ever seen for sale this side of the Atlantic. Recently restored in the highly successful Calberson rally team colors, the Renault Alpine was a competitor for the Lancia Stratos. Being a fraction of the price is also a plus. Just please don’t call asking me to source another when it is sold.

This example is solid throughout and avoided the ravages of time and the weather to retain very nice interior upholstery, under carriage, drivetrain, and suspension. The engine is a carburetted version of the 2.8 liter all aluminum PRV V6 engine with a 5spd syncromesh transaxle. Both are in very good health. Down draft Weber carbs could be an exciting addition to this very lightweight car and disappoint some proud Porsche 911 drivers. A pleasure to drive on the street and absolutely rare as hens teeth, this colorful funky-cool French rally car is a crowd favorite and is a great cloudy day “pick me up” on your favorite river road!

With minor work this car is also vintage racing eligible and could be a fantastic gentleman’s racer. I am happy to advise the new owner on the possibilities and where to source any parts that they may want as well.

Comes with original seats in excellent condition, as well as numerous spare bits.