1977 TVR 2500M

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1977 TVR 2500M

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This car is probably one of the best TVR’s you’ll find. It’s had a body off restoration 6 years ago with a complete engine and transmission upgrade.
The car has a photo and written history of the restoration along with the upgrades. The TVR has had a professionally installed 1997 Ford Ranger 3L fuel injected V6 that is around 165HP, the original motor was a 108 HP TR6 power plant. Not only has there been a horse power increase, but the weight distribution is greatly improved. The V6 is a lighter power plant and is also place back behind the front suspension which creates a very nimble feel. Tradition is maintained by keeping the uses of a Ford V6. The next production year would see the up-grade of the Triumph to the British Ford Essex. The 5 speed manual transmission has a short throw that makes for a wonderful driving experience. The car is beautifully balanced and fast. Every mechanical system has been rebuild or improved.

TVR engine replacement for 1997 Ford Ranger V6 engine:
• Thoroughly cleaned engine
• Replaced freeze out plugs
• Replaced water pump
• Replaced oil pump
• Replaced alternator
• Removed valve covers and checked and set rocker clearances
• Replaced valve cover gaskets
• Main intake plenum was milled .560 at flange to accommodate clearance
• Replaced throttle body with a 50 millimeter one
• New thermostat
• Cleaned and checked all temp sending units for temp accuracy
• Cleaned all fuel injectors and refurbished fuel rail with new seals
• Fuel regulator was checked for appropriate pressure and was within limits and looked good
• Replaced old oil pan with a new Taurus oil pan and new pickup tubes (this decreased overall height by 1”)
• While oil pan was off, checked cylinder walls for wear and unbolted one connecting rod to check journals
• All looked very good, no scoring or wear
• The head was not removed, but all valves were inspected through manifold ports and looked good, no oil leaks were observed relative to valve guide with no smoke
• Checked compression and all were within at least medium limits and were very good

• Took to a transmission specialist and had thoroughly checked, all was good
• Transmission speed sending unit was checked and calibrated to a gps for accuracy and set to speedometer


The body shows very well with very good panel fit. The paint has been wet sanded and polished to a glassy surface. The interior is in very nice condition with several unique upgrades. The suspension has been improved and handling is superb. The sun roof is the traditional soft type that slides and folds back to give you an open air feel. This is the perfect chance to take advantage of a beautiful expensive build at a much reduced price. This car is what TVR should have created. It has the classic English sports car look, with a modern well thought out design. It’s ready for that weekend get-away and/or attack the back country roads.