1966 Ford GT40 Carbon Fiber Bodywork

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1966 Ford GT40 Carbon Fiber Bodywork

Mileage: 520
A rare exception in the GT40 world, this replica has profesional racing car quality Carbon Fiber bodywork throughout. Not fiberglass inner, or superficial layer, or crummy wrap, but legitimatly well-executed, lightweight, and incredibly strong Carbon Fiber bodywork and interior. Much like an original Ferrari F50 where you can just begin to see the carbon weave through the paint’s reflection. That’s the way you know it’s serious as it isn’t slathered in heavy filler to make up for bad molds, but a well done expensive build from the beginning that has never been damaged.

The car was done by the son of Eric Broadley (whom was involed with the design of the original GT40) by the name of Andrew of GT40 North America. This car is one of less than 20 cars built to this high standard. Perhaps to one-up dad’s original work? Looks like it to me, but at the cost of being a very expensive build originally. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to offer this special replica at a palatable cost of entry.

The GT40 has a 5 spd manual transaxle mated to a Ford 351 windsor engine complete with nicely effective air-conditioning. It even has a stereo system you can actually hear! The engine is a reasonable build with good mannerisms for the street. Naturally, with a car with so few miles, it drives exceptionally and as you would expect. It is more comfortable than other replicas I have driven and a better street car. It is of course fast, but well mannered and predictable. This makes it very enjoyable in the real world.

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