1965 Shelby Cobra

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1965 Shelby Cobra


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The good kind of blasphemy. Yes, Cobras, including my own, are generally powered by Ford engines and I have been a snob if they aren’t. This one is executed with a 6 speed transmission and the modern LS V-8 by GM. Hang on… It’s darn well done, is dead reliable and a pleasure in traffic or at speed, the 6 speed tranny makes it awesome in any driving condition, and it makes all the right noises. Good greif it looks awesome too! So shoot me, the LS engine is just better (lighter, smoother, power delivery, reliability) and this is the most useable Cobra I have come across. It idles and can be driven modestly enough that I wouldn’t feel bad about driving to the country club with this exhaust, however you definitely know it is a raw Cobra when you open up the throttle body and are in the RPMs, so I found that a pleasant attribute for the real world. The chassis and body is fromt he CMC / Street Beasts company and is the best built example I have seen. It has a triangulated Ford 4 link in the rear with corner weight screws on the trailing arms, which are straight from the NASCAR world and great for suspension set up. Naturally, this car is disc brakes all the way around and awesome Wilwood calipers, rotors, and hats up front. The suspension is very well executed and the car drives brilliantly. The aluminum radiator give confidence on those hot summer days and we gave it some fresh tires to be spot on. A great modern influenced Cobra for the real world.