1959 Morgan +4 Four Seater

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1959 Morgan +4 Four Seatere


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The Morgan Plus 4 4-seater has been fitted with the TR3 engine giving it power and performance. This model can seat four people or give the extra room that could be used for packages or luggage. A total of 1,795 Plus 4 TR-3 engined cars were built between March 1956 and December 1962. Only 466 of the 4 seaters models were built in this production series. The performance is helped by its positive steering and front disc brakes.

This Morgan still wears its original British Racing Green paint color and is powered by its original power train. The engine has been rebuilt and runs strong. The exhaust is in new condition. The original steel frame has been replaced with a new one. The interior is black with newly recovered seats. The wheels are painted wires, with knock-offs and have been mounted with new tires. The front suspension has been fitted with new springs. Weather equipment includes: a boot cover, tonneau, side curtains and top(original and does not fit any longer).

The Plus 4 Morgan 4 seater is the perfect sports car choice for weekend fun and that get-a-way tour.