Detailing and Graphics

Detailing and Graphics

We are proud to have world caliber talent at Central Classic Cars when it come to honing the aesthetics of your fine vehicle.

Whether you are preparing for the concours lawn with your prized pre-war automobile or getting ready for the annual exotic car drive we are able to tailor our services to each fine car with consideration to giving its owner the best return on investment.

Paint correction, glass coating, and specialized detailing of all aspects of specialty vehicles is an area that we excel in. Generally each job is tailored to best suit the objective. However, below are some examples of the most popular services.

Bringing your car to a high caliber level of cleanliness is one of the single best investments one can make in a vehicle.
Removing blemishes, swirl marks, and holograms from improper care and creating that ideal glossy finish is a specialty and an art form in itself. Large gains can be found in even a new luxury or exotic car in this arena.
The interior of your car is much like a living thing and it requires the proper care over the life of a vehicle. Regardless of the age of your car or the materials used in the interior, we are able to either bring it back to life or stoke its living glow.
Painstaking cleaning, polishing, and the touching up of a vehicle’s wheels put its aesthetics above anywhere this has been overlooked.


Proper removal of harsh road contaminants, such as corrosive brake dust, grease, and tar followed by the detailing and in some cases refinishing of components, brings a vehicle back to its original showroom floor freshness.


Just as choosing the perfect outfit can make you feel on top of the world, creativity in the personalization of cars is a great deal of fun and sets your vehicle apart. Whether you are looking for complimentary accents on an exotic car or period-correct racing decals on a vintage sports car, we have you covered.

Tastefully guiding the artistic aesthetics as well as properly executing the application of graphics is indeed an art form that takes time, patience, and a love to master. At Central Classic Cars our talent has decades of experience and successes in this arena.

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  • Detail Aston Martin
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For more information regarding Central Classic Cars and the detailing and graphics services they have to offer, contact Chuck Putsch at (419)-618-3855